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What do we mean by ‘web browsing’?

‘Browsing the web’ means accessing the Internet, via a browser (computer programme), to locate information on the world wide web. There are different types of web browser, but they have similar features. The major web browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Crome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Each of these programmes allow you to open multiple web pages at the same time, either in a different browser window or in different tabs of the same window.

Today it isn’t even necessary to have a computer to browse the internet, many people access the web on the move from their mobile phone or tablet computer (i.e. iPad) or using a games console such as the Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360. 

Where do I start to look for information on the web?

Every website has an address, and the technical name for this ‘web’ address is a URL. The URL for the Open University, for example, is:

You may already have the address of the website you want to visit, in which case you can just type the URL into the search box and go straight to the website. However if you don’t know the URL you can search using a search engine such as Google. Most of today’s browsers also incorporate a search engine and most will open on a page with a search box, ready for you to start your search.

Whichever of the search engines you choose to use you need to make sure that what you type in to the search box is relevant , specific, and concise. For example, it’s no good typing in ‘music’ if what you are really looking for is ‘piano tutors in Bristol’.

Basics and tips for web browsing

  • Before starting to use the Internet it is important to ensure you have anti-virus software installed on your computer. Free software, such as AVG, is readily available to download for the internet.
  • Most web browsers have settings to stop ‘pop up’ windows from distracting your work and block any potentially hazardous content. Your anti-virus software may also have a setting for this.
  • If you find the text on a web page too small, then you can change the size via Options in the menu bar.
  • Women's on Flop Fit Clogs Slip Loaff Black Long pages of text can be difficult to read and understand, or some may not be relevant for your needs. Copying, by cutting and pasting, text into a Word document can be helpful and allows you to be selective rather than gather more than you need.
  • Navigation on a web page is easy: The ‘home’ button takes you to the first page you saw when you opened the site. The ‘back’ button takes you back to the previous page. The ‘forward’ button takes you to the page you were on before you pressed the back button and the ‘refresh’ button is used to reload a page, usually if a page hasn’t loaded properly, or if you want to update the page. 

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